SCHIP LAUREL, Beautiful Evergreen, great for low screens, versatile, sun or shade, cold hardy, fast grower

sku: 181346967651-1


SCHIP LAUREL ( skip laurel, cherry laurel) EVERGREEN BUSH

This plant is so versatile that it can take sun, shade, very cold hardy, any kind of soil (except wet soils), fast grower, evergreen, deer resistant, goes with any other plant, has beautiful white flowers, form great low fences/screens and easy to grow.

  • fast grower, around 2 ft per season
  • mature size is 5-6 ft tall, around 10 ft wide
  • this plant doesn't flinch in cold or hot weather, sun or shade
  • can survive zero degree temperatures
  • deer won't touch them
  • hardy in zone 6-8


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