RazzMatazz Grape Vine. Red-skinned self pollinating seedless plant. Continuously produces grapes. Rich sweet flavor of Table Grapes.

sku: FRT19G3P


RazzMatazz Grape Vine

After 20 years of research and testing comes a rare variety of grape that combines the sweetness of table grapes with the hardiness of native muscadine and begins producing within months of planting. A red-skinned, seedless grape that produces lovely clusters continuously, from midsummer to the first frost with a distinct flavor. Fruiting success is achieved without the need for spraying. It's considered the first ever continuously fruiting grape, setting blooms and fruit all summer. While most varieties produce three or four clusters of grapes per shoot, RazzMatazz delivers up to 24 clusters on each shoot. This variety looks beautiful in hanging baskets.
  • Self-Pollinating
  • Hardy in zones 7-9
  • Height 8-12 feet
  • Width 8-10 feet
  • Disease Resistant
  • Full Sun

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