RHODODENDRON ' Talullah Sunrise' LINER, native azalea

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liners in 3" pot ,1-2 yr old

gorgeous native azalea with very fragrant flowers

orange flowers

blooms march-april

mature size is 4-5 ft

likes part shade

hardy in zone 6-9

clusters of beautiful orange flowers, very fragrant flowers,

funnel shaped flowers blooming in march-april

What is a liner : A liner is a 1-2 yr old plant (in pots which are 3"-3 1/2"). These are very well rooted plants, normal size ranges from 8" to 20" tall. A good analogy, in Human terminology, would be-liner being like a teenager.

We ship a lot of liners, to smaller nurseries, to all over the country, in our Main business, outside of ebay.

Liners are a very convenient way to ship large quantities and way cheaper.

(1) 3" liner pot (8-12" Tall, 1-2 yr old) SHIPPED IN ITS POT

Actual picture of plant in its pot

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