(Liner) GRIFFIN BLUE' Butterfly Bush, True Blue Beauty

sku: 181431653535

GRIFFIN BLUE' Butterfly Bush, True Blue Beauty- liner

griffin blue buddleia Butterfly Bush

starter/liner in 3" pots

True Blue color

Compact flowers-

Attracts butterflies

Summer blooming to late summer

mature size is 5-7 ft

Full Sun, hardy in zone 5-9

What is a liner/starter plant :

A liner is a 1-2 yr old plant in pots which are 3"-3 1/2". These are very well rooted plants, normal size ranges from 8" to 20" tall.

A good analogy, in Human terminology, would be-liner being like a teenager.

We ship a lot of liners, to smaller nurseries, to all over the country, in our Main business, outside of ebay.

Actual picture of plant in its pot that will be shipped to you

1 plant shipped in 3 " pot, the plants are 6-12 inches tall

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