(1 Gallon) Camellia La Peppermint Flower Plant-White to Pale Pink

sku: 171524351714

camellia japonica' LA PEPPERMINT', plant shipped in 1 gallon pot 12-18" tall, white to pale pink striped carmine blooms. Evergreen, upright growth, blooms midwinter to early spring, mature size is 8-10 ft tall, 4-8 ft wide, hardy in zones 7-10, part shade to part sun. Produces Large double white to pale pink striped carmine blooms, The bloom is quite large ( about 4-6 inches across ) Blooms early to mid season.

• Camellia ' LA PEPPERMINT'( JAPONICA), shipped in 1 gallon pot,12-18"tall

•white to pale pink striped carmine blooms,blooms winter/ early spring months

• mature size is 6-10 ft tall and 4-8 ft wide

•Evergreen,camellia-rose of the winter

• part sun/shade, hardy in zone 7-9

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