(1 gallon) CLOUD 9 DOGWOOD TREE-showy overlapping white bracts/lots of white flowers-gallon,most cold hardy Dogwood

sku: 171326579443

'CLOUD NINE' DOGWOOD TREE shipped in gallon pot 12-18" tall

showy overlapping white bracts and lots of white flowers

Great small ornamental tree

Easy to grow

white blooms in spring

blooms before the leaves appear, have beautiful white blossoms

slow grower

15-25 ft tall, 10-15 ft wide

hardy in zones 5-9

sun to partial shade

like well drained acidic soils

One of the showiest and beautiful among the native flowering trees ,

this Dogwood has more flowers and a long bract

(1) 1 GALLON PLANT (around 12-18" Tall) SHIPPED IN ITS POT

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