Kitty Corral Cat Fence System 6' x 100'

sku: DE4361

Note: We can ship only one-gallon plants to California and certain restrictions apply for shipping to California.

The 6 'x 100' Kitty Corral Cat Fencing System is made from a durale polypropylene fence mesh material - similar to our award-winning virtually invisible deer fence. However, our invisible fence for cats has been engineered specifically to contain your feline friends in the backyard. As an additional safeguard, the top of the cat fence has a sturdy, inward-facing extender. To prevent chewing damage, the bottom two feet of our cat fence is vinyl coated steel. Also, the cat fence is secured with galvanized steel ground stakes, which keep kitty from crawling underneath. Our cat fence will blend into your tree line. You will barely even notice the cat fence is there. It is UV-resistant and has an outdoor lifespan of ten years. Our cat fencing system is high quality and can be removed and reinstalled if necessary. Designed for easy homeowner installation, our cat fencing system comes with simple, easy-to-follow instructions. Patent Pending. Tools required for installation (not included): sledgehammer, tape measure, ladder, hammer, drill with Phillips bit and socket or adjustable wrench. Optional accessories (sold seperately): Access Gate, Tie Puller and Cutter Tool, Hogringer, Hog Rings, Extra Posts.

Kit Includes:

(1) 6 ft. H x 100 ft. L roll poly fencing

(8) 24 in. sleeves for line posts

(1) sleeve drive cap

(8) 6 ft. H x 1 3/8 in. W posts

(8) 1 3/8 in. overhang extenders

(6) wall mounts for posts

(6) 100 ct. bag of self-locking ties

(1) 2 ft. H x 100 ft. W wire mesh

(2) bags 12 in. kinked stakes (60 total)

(24) self-tapping screws

(8) end caps

installation instructions


Fencing - polypropylene plastic, black

Posts, extenders, end caps - vinyl-coated steel, black

Overhang - approximately 2 ft.

Note: The plant is shipped in its pot, firmly secured with several layers of clear tape, thereby avoiding any shuffling and moving during transit. The plant reaches you with minimal damage- very safe and secure. We have been shipping plants like this for several years (plant are sometimes shipped in smaller pots for safety and ease of shipping). Most plants go dormant in fall and winter and will lose most of their leaves - looking dead and dry - very normal. They will flush out in spring.

We cannot send ship some plants and some sizes to California due to restrictions placed by department of agriculture.


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