(1 gallon) Harry Lauder's walking stick-twisted/spiraling branches, twigs/,in winter,contorted branches are quite noticeable- provides winter interest. a unique beauty

sku: B01I8NJQVO

Harry Lauder's walking stick commonly called corkscrew hazelnut 1 gallon tree in pot around 15"-24" tall European filbert cultivar Easy to grow pest and drought resitant 8-10 ft tall, great accent plant hardy in zones 4-8 shipping for orders received from California might be delayed, and cant ship any 3 gallon plants to California. The plants maybe shipped in smaller pots/plastic bags for the safety of the plants Most plants go dormant in Fall and winter and will loose most of their leaves- looking dead and dry- VERY NORMAL. They will flush out in spring

  • Harry Lauder's walking stick-twisted/spiraling branches, twigs/ leaves
  • plant shipped in 1 gallon pot, 8-15" tall
  • fully grown 8-10 ft tall, 4 ft wide
  • hardy in zones 4-8
  • Full Sun/light shade

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