(2 Bareroot 15-24") ALTHEA Ardens plants, Dbl purple blooms( Rose of Sharon) -2 bareroot shrubs

sku: 171248505315


2 ROSE OF SHARON PLANTS shipped bare-root

DOUBLE PURPLE blooms( Rose of Sharon)

heat and drought tolerant


beautiful PURPLE flowers in summer

low maintenance

adapts well to most soils

8-12 ft tall, fully grown

hardy in zones 5-9

sun/partial shade

Very hardy plant, drought resistant, attracts butterflies, very attractive flower.

Unlike Hibiscus, doesn't die down to the ground in fall

produces lots of double purple blooms in the summer

(2) plants (2 Ardens plants shipped bareroot.)

around 15-24" tall

The plants are shipped bareroot, roots wrapped and moist

Please pot up the plants or put the plants in ground as soon as you receive the plants

mix n match any 2 bare-root plants with the same price of $39.99

(pl send a note of what combination you want)

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