(1 Gallon) SHASTA' Viburnum - double layered foliage and lots of white blooms, the first doublefile viburnum ie in double rows

sku: 181411337247

'shasta' VIBURNUM SHRUB (japanese snowball/double file vibernum)

shipped in 1 gallon pot,15-22" tall

double file vibernum

white flowers from May - july

cold hardy


low maintenance

adapts well to most soils

no serious pest or dieseases

fully grown 4-6 ft tall,

spread 8-12 ft

hardy in zones 5-9

sun to partial shade

also called double file viburnum, this one is a dense shrub

with multi-layered branching with glorious white blooms

followed by bright red fruits, which the birds love.

(1) PLANT in 1 gallon pot (10-22"Tall)

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