(1 gallon) summer snowflake' Viburnum -lots of lace-cap blooms from Aprl-September. The Doublefile Viburnum, V. plicatum, with pure white blooms, continuously all summer and into fall

sku: rd-2295

summer snowflake VIBURNUM SHRUB (japanese snowball/double file vibernum)

shipped in gallon pot, 15-22 inches tall

very long blooming season

white flowers from April/May - September

cold hardy


low maintenance

adapts well to most soils

no serious pest or dieseases

fully grown 3-5 ft tall,

hardy in zones 5-8

sun to partial shade

very long blooming season with lots of

noted for its double file branching, lace-cap like blooms,

small compact shrub, with lots and lots of blooms and for a long period of time

(1) PLANT in 1 gallon pot (15-22" Tall) SHIPPED IN ITS POT

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