About us


What had been a hobby turned into a survival kit. We had to close down our pizza restaurant due to recession in 2008. We had lots of plants in our backyard.which we started selling on Craigslist. Subsequently, we had to give our nursery a name- which was easy, our dog’s name - Pixie. Pixie is Mrinali's (my wife) constant companion, sitting by her side all day long.

We than had a zoning problem. Zoning official said we could not sell plants from our yard as our house was in a residential zone. They say ‘Everything happens for a reason’. This is when we got our break. We got a 3 acre nursery on an affordable lease and we moved to our new location in spring of 2011.

Mrinali is the passion and brain behind the nursery. She is also a Master Gardener of our county. Mrinali has a Masters in English literature, but plans to go for a degree in Horticulture, if and when she finds some time.

I (Bala) am the ‘Honey do list’ guy. I have a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Science and an MBA. Look at the irony, even though I have a Degree in Agricultural Sciences, I have no clue about plants ( I did my MBA to wipe out the miserable 4 years of studying Agriculture!) .

I also daytrade and am a small business consultant / Coach.

We now enjoy plants- a sure sign of getting old!

Mrinali & Bala
Pixies Gardens