Achillea Millefolium Oertel'S Rose is Evergreen with Green, Fern-Like Foliage.



ACHILLEA Millefolium Oertel's Rose is evergreen with green, fern-like foliage. Oertel's Rose is more compact than other Yarrow with a mature height of 12""-15"" in bloom. Bloom clusters open rose-pink and age to white through the Summer. Deadheading encourages more blooms and reduce spreading. Can be cut back to basal leaves to refresh foliage and encourage more blooms late Summer. Prefers well drained, average to poor soil.

    • Full Sun
    • Tolerates drought, heat and humidity
    • Moderately salt tolerant
    • Height: 12-15 Inches
    • Spread: 18-24 Inches
    • Hardiness Zone: 3-9
    • Attracts Butterflies
    • Deer Resistant
    • Uses: Border or Bed, Fall Color, Mass Planting, containers.

We cannot send ship some plants and some sizes to California due to restrictions placed by department of agriculture.



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