Ficus Pumila Creeping Fig



Ficus pumila Creeping Fig

An evergreen ground cover and climber. Juvenile growth consists of small, 1", dark green, ovate heart shaped leaves. Creeping Fig is a vigorous grower, climbs by rootlets and is often used to cover walls and topiaries. Hardy in only Zones 9-11. Considered an annual in the colder zones. Marginally hardy in Zone 8 in protected areas, winterburn is expected, may die in severe Winters. Often grown as a houseplant or on indoor topiaries. Fig Vine prefers well drained, rich, loamy soil. Useful as a ground cover in small areas where growth can be contained. If not pruned, fig vine leaves will grow up to 4" and become thicker and shinier. Most often pruned to maintain small juvenile growth. Mature prostrate height ½"-1 ½", climbing height 15' plus.

  • Sun to Part Shade
  • Hardy in Zones 9-11 only, Semi hardy Zone 8.
  • Spread 3 feet.
  • Mostly used as a climbing vine
  • More Northern zones use as an annual or houseplant
  • Excellent for topiary
  • Small, leathery dark green leaves increase in size with age

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