Nuttall Oak Tree



Native to the American Southeast and Midwest, Nuttall oak (Quercus nutallii) is quickly replacing other oaks. Oaks are tough, adaptable, long-lived, strong-wooded, and tolerant of heat, cold, and drought. Pyramidal tree 40 to 60 feet tall with a strong central leader. It accepts most soils, even alkaline or wet ones.

Hardiness Zones 6"9, Hence nuttall oak a great choice for urban and suburban spaces.

Grows to a height of 40"60' and a spread of 35"50' at maturity.

  • Produces fall color that changes from yellow to orange to red.
  • Features lustrous, dark green deciduous leaves that are 4" to 9" long with deep lobes and wide, rounded sinuses.
  • Yields oblong acorns that are ¾" to 1¼" long with a turbinate (bumpy) cap.
  • Grows in a rounded shape.
  • Tolerates wet soil and moderate drought.



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