Pawnee Pecan Trees Produce a Large Nut That Has a Medium Soft Papershell.




The tree produces a large nut that has a medium soft papershell, roughly 40 percent kernel ratio. Pawnee Pecan trees require pollination from additional trees, most recommended is Desirable Pecan. Pawnee Pecan tree is very cold hardy and is commonly found around early Thanksgiving because of the very early maturity of the nuts on the trees around the last of September or the first of October. A month earlier than other varieties.

  • Very cold hardy
  • Early producer
  • Zones 7-10
  • Requires a pollinator.

Shipping of Pecans: The tap root system of Pecans is very large therefore the plant root ball will be shipped in a plastic bag, not a pot.

Note: The plant is shipped in its pot, firmly secured with several layers of clear tape, thereby avoiding any shuffling and moving during transit. The plant reaches you with minimal damage very safe and secure. We have been shipping plants like this for several years (plants are sometimes shipped in smaller pots for safety and ease of shipping). Most plants go dormant in Fall and Winter and will lose most of their leaves looking dead and dry, is very normal. The plants will flush out in Spring.

We cannot ship certain plants and some sizes to California due to restrictions placed by the California Department of Agriculture.

Bare Root Plants: the plant is shipped with the roots taken out of the pot/ground, and the roots are then wrapped in moist paper, with or without soil. The roots wrapped in moist medium is then covered with some kind of plastic to hold the moisture. The paper with moisture will keep the plant alive, during the journey. The plants, once received, the roots should be given a soak for 30 minutes and planted immediately.

Growing Zones: 6-9 outdoors

6-9 outdoors
Mature Height:
20-30 ft
Full Sun
Mature Width:
15-25 ft
Botanical Name:
Carya illinoinensis 'Pawnee'
Growth Rate:
Harvest Time:
Year to Bear:
Can Fruit the 1st Year!



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