White Lady Peach Tree



White Lady Peach Tree (Prunus persica 'White Lady') is a fruit-producing tree with luscious fruit. Plant one in your front yard where you can witness its splendor spring through fall. Among the best of the new, low acid, high sugar, white peaches, the aroma is heavenly and the flavor sublime!

  • Full sun
  • Mature Height : 12 to 25 Feet
  • Mature Spread : 12 to 25 Feet  
  • Zone : 5 - 9


  • Long, curved leaves stay lovely throughout the entire growing season! Aside from its superior fruit, White Lady produces stunningly beautiful pink flowers making it a spring ornamental tree along with its fruit-bearing capabilities!
  • Eat them fresh off the tree or save some for later. Gold ribbon pies and pastries, whiz up in smoothies, churn some into homemade ice cream, or make a creamy dessert sauce from the white flesh.
  • Keep Peach Trees happy by planting them in moderately watered, mulched and enriched well-drained locations with good air circulation. They need the full sun to perform best. Prune when dormant or summer prune to control size.
  • Dry some for trail mix, and of course, sliced fresh over your morning granola!

Note: The plant is shipped in its pot, firmly secured with several layers of clear tape, thereby avoiding any shuffling and moving during transit. The plant reaches you with minimal damage- very safe and secure. We have been shipping plants like this for several years (plant are sometimes shipped in smaller pots for safety and ease of shipping). Most plants go dormant in fall and winter and will lose most of their leaves - looking dead and dry - very normal. They will flush out in spring.



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